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About Glaucoma - A Patient's Perspective .. Part 1
The recently retired civil engineer has lived with glaucoma for seven years. Mr Fong did not realise he had glaucoma because there was no pain or any other symptom. ...

About Glaucoma - A Patient's Perspective .. Part 2

Computer Vision Syndrome - Beware of Dry Eyes
Eye strain is a common problem for those who spend long hours looking at a computer screen. Presbyopia can also cause computer vision syndrome. Read about it!

Good Eye Care Habits
By adopting good eye care habits, we can prevent many common eye problems. In fact, as parents, we should always try to cultivate good eye care habits ...

Exercise & Age-related Eye Diseases
A research shows that active lifestyles may help to keep age-related eye diseases at bay. ...

How to Improve Night Vision
William Shakespeare once described old age in these terms: "sans teeth, sans eyes, sans everything." Indeed, our ability to adapt to dark deteriorates as we grow older...

Smoking & Eye Health
What are the effect of smoking on eye health? Get tips to quit smoking.

Stye is caused by bacteria. Read about how to prevent and treat it and when to seek medical advice.

The Prevention of Myopia In School Children
All children did not focus accurately writing on the blackboard, or pictures, maps, persons, or other new or strange distant objects. They became myopic when they did not learn to adjust their eyes properly for distant vision. Myopia was prevented by teaching school children to focus their eyes accurately for distant objects...

The 10 Questions ABout Eye Care
Read these ten common questions on eye care, and look out for your vision!

The 10 Questions to Check Whether You Have Been Nice To Your Eyes?
Have you been nice to your eyes?

Contact lens Implants Versus Lasik Procedure
More opt for contact lens implants

The Top 5 Causes of Blindness
Cataract leads the list of reasons people go blind, yet the condition can be easily treated with surgery. Let us find out how delayed treatment of various eye conditions often leads to loss of sight.

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Our eyes, just like other parts of our bodies, need proper care and exercises.

These eBooks and articles contain many invalueable tips on eye care. Read and discover how to avoid (or prevent) the common vision problems and preserve your vision today. Tell your friends about these eye care resources if you find them useful.

Free e-Books on Eye Health

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Free e-Books on Eye Health

Book - Strengthening The Eyes
Strengthening the Eyes

Natural Eyesight Improvement discovered by the 'Father of Physical Culture', MacFadden nearly 25 years ago.
Better Eyesight
Better Eyesight Magazine

The Better Eyesight magazines provides Dr. Bates' findings after decades of research and experimental work into various eye disorders, and include several interresting case histories.
Better Eyesight

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