Tips on Contact Lens Care

Never overlook these tips on contact lens care :

  • Never wear your disposable lenses beyond the recommended date. This is because the protein resistance of the lens tends to deteriorate over time, making it easier for protein and contaminants to accumulate.
  • Never sleep with your contact lenses on as they do not allow sufficient oxygen into the eye. This hypoxia, or deprivation of oxygen, could result in edema, or swelling, which in turn causes temporarily blurred vision.
  • Do not handle your-lenses with dirty hands.
  • Never use saliva or water towet your lenses - neither is sterile and cannot prevent microbial growth.
  • Do not swim with your lenses on - not only do you run the risk of dangerous parasitic infection (acanthamoeba keratitis), which can lead to blindness, you could also lose your lenses in the pool.
  • Never use old or expired solutions. The active ingredients which prevent infections weaken over time and solutions past their use~by date are often no longer able to. offer effective protection against contaminants.
  • Never wear your lenses if you have an eye infection. As your lenses could be the source of the infection, continued wear will only aggravate the condition.
  • Do not reuse solutions because protein residue, which encourages bacterial or fungal growth, will accumulate in them.
  • Do not go for long periods of time without a contact lens progress examination with your optician. A check-up once or twice a year will ensure that your contacts suit you. You may also find new products that are better for you.
  • Never clean your lenses with a circular rubbing motion - this only moves the residue around the lens. Use a gentle backward and forward motion instead.
    • I hope you find these tips on contact lens care useful. Remember, your eyes are precious.

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