Eye Exercises Review

The Janet Goodrich Method for Presbyopia Correction ( Read Clearly Naturally Kit )

The Janet Goodrich Method for Presbyopia Correction - Read Clearly Naturally Kit (RCN) caught my attention with these lines in their product page:

In addition to visual clarity, the use of this kit may result in having fun, relaxing, improved general wellbeing, attention to your needs and greater enjoyment of Life!

Hmmm... , sounds more like a Spa Package at a wonderful resort to me.

I went ahead to try it and here are what I think about it.

What's In The Package?

I prefer to get the digital version rather than the printed version.

The Reason are simple:

  • Cheaper. No shipping cost involved.
  • Faster. I can download the soft copy almost immediately and use the programme right away.
  • Convenience. I can read / listen to the programme as and when I like. For example, when I am taking a short break at work, I can read the manual from my notebook.
  • Easy to share. I share the soft copy with my family members so that they will also benefit from it

Let's see what are in the package.

Find out more about the Read Clearly Natural Kit

Digital Downloads of Charts, Manuals & Audios

The RCN comes with pdf manuals & charts, mp3 audio, music to goes with the activities. The downloads were done smoothly in a few minutes. Cool.

Instruction Kits

There are two kits inside the RCN:

  • The Quick Start Instruction Kit
  • The Overall Instruction Kit

If you can't wait to jump right to the actions (Yeah, people like me), use the Quick Start instruction. At any time, you can still revert to the Overall Kit Instruction for more details.

Or if you enjoy reading the details, you can use The Overall Instruction Kit.

Presbyopia Process Map

The flow chart "Presbyopia Process Map" is quite handy. It give you an overview of the processes right from the beginning to the end. I can also check which stage I am in by referring to this process map.

Reminder Chart

Paste this 1-page reminder chart near your work area, and you will have no more excuses for not doing the exercise.

Suggestion - print it on a piece of bright Pink paper so that you can't said you didn't notice it.

Vision Activities

Their activities are called "vision games", instead of "vision exercises". I guess it's because the word "games" sound more motivating. And yes, their vision games do seem to have added more fun element.

The vision activities of RCN are broadly categorized into:

  • Preparation Activities
  • Specific Vision Actitivities

Preparation Activities

This program has been designed to take you through a similar process to those attending personal instruction with a Natural Vision Improvement Instructor. So the programme kicks off with preparation activities (Deep Breathing, Yawning, Self Massage & Cross-Crawl).

They have rightly pointed out that good flow of oxygen intake, and stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain will help to correct presbyopia. The preparation stages are designed for these purposes. Their self massage techniques focus on muscles on the neck and shoulder. These massage are beneficial for increasing blood flow to the head areas.

To make it more effective, I will suggest that you add the Chinese eye exercises (found in my site). The Chinese Eye Exercises increase oxygen and blood flow to the eyes by massaging the area near to the eyes. The Chinese Eye Exercises and the RCN will kind of complement each other.

The preparation period is the time for you to gently develop good eye habits and remove those that are damaging to your eyes. You will have to go through them until you have done them well and don't skip to the specific activities. This will probably take 1 - 2 weeks.

Specific Vision Activities

Once you have completed the preparation stage, you can start working with specific activities such as Sunning, The White Glow, Tromboning, Palming, Fusion Games and Near-Far Swing. For those with Astigmatism, there is also the Astigmatism Swings.

Take your time to practice each activity, familiarise with each one before moving on to the next one.

Eye Health Tips

The RCN also covers the eye health nutrition and stress management.

The use of pinhole glasses is strongly encouraged. I support that view too.

I went to check the ebay and found some good news! The pinhole glasses at ebay cost less than $10. These pinhole glasses are just as effective as the expensive ones.

Overall Recommendation

I like the vision activities - simple, interesting and effective. The RCN has added more emphasis on stimulating the right brain for Presbyopia correction. I also like the way they organize the programme and the tools available - self-assessment, preparation activities, specific activities.

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