Recipes for Eye Health - Fruit Drinks, Vegetable Drinks, Soups and More...

Let's look at some fun and innovative cusine recipes for eye health.

Wherever possible, try to use fresh vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients. Frozen ingredients should be your second choice, and canned goods should be the final option.

Everyday items, such as salsa, are acceptable when premixed, but first check the label to make sure the item is low in calories and fat, particularly saturated fat.

As you become more familiar with a healthy diet, you can begin to experiment.

Find ways to make your favorite recipes for eye health in a more healthful manner. For example, substitute ingredients that are lower in fat, such as skim milk for whole milk or cream, and fat-free cheese for its fatty counterpart.

Add vegetables and fruits that increase your antioxidant intake, such as fresh spinach in a sandwich instead of iceberg lettuce.

Improve the nutritional content of recipes such as stir-fried vegetables by including more of the vegetables that are high in antioxidants.

By exploring the recipe section and looking at the nutritional content of different items, you will get a better idea of ways to meet your nutritional goals. And once you are familiar with preparing food in a nutritious manner, it will be easier for you to create your own recipes, choose from among others, and order meals in a restaurant.

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy eating a healthy diet. Your eyes will thank you for it.

Fruit Drinks

Vegetable Drinks



Bread & Muffin

Salad and Dressings

Vegetarian Entrees

Seafood Entrees

Poultry Entrees

Beef Entrees


Side Dishes


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