Vision for Life Program Helps Thousands
Naturally Improve Vision

Natural Vision Correction System Attains Phenomenal Success

REDMOND, Wash. - Vision for Life marks its the third successful year of the breakthrough program Vision for Life: A 30-Day Program to Better Eyesight with continuing record sales. A proven natural alternative to eyeglasses, contacts, intacs, and even Lasik surgery, the Vision for Life program boasts a great success in reversing vision problems including nearsightedness, aging vision, astigmatism, and computer eyestrain.

Highlighted in publications such as Men's Health Magazine, Vision for Life has ignited an enthusiastic
following of thousands of individuals on the path to better eyesight. This scientifically-recognized program is unique in that it provides the most effective, cutting edge optical exercises and vision techniques for improving, maintaining, and preventing vision problems. Yes, prevention of eyesight deterioration is possible! Children and teens can use this program along with their parents to prevent vision problems associated with prolonged use of computers, television, and video games.

Orlin Sorensen, founder of Vision for Life and author of the program, wore corrective lenses for years
beginning in his teens. Through the use of vision training, he improved his vision from 20/85 to 20/20 and was able to pass the visual acuity test given to U.S. Navy fighter pilots. Men's Health declared this one of the "Greatest Comebacks of All Time."

Another vision training success story is Capri Smith of Chesterfield, Virginia. She writes, "After just five
days of doing the Vision for Life exercises for 25 minutes each day, the optometrist said that I had gone from myopia (nearsighted) level 8 in my left eye and 5 in the right to 5 and 2, respectively − half of my previous prescription!"

Vision for Life: A Program for Better Eyesight is available for single or bulk purchase on the Vision for
Life website at Vision For Life ( and through exclusive resellers. Details about the program and scores of testimonials are published on the website.

About Vision for Life
Vision for Life, LLC, was founded in 2001 by Orlin G. Sorensen, a commercial airline pilot, to help people
who suffer from poor and deteriorating eyesight to improve and maintain their vision. Vision for Life develops and promotes products for life improvement.

Contact Information:

Address: PO Box 2404, Redmond, WA 98073

Phone: 877-733-4543 (toll free) or 360-668-6747
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online at Vision For Life (

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