Presbyopia Correction

Reverse Your Vision Problems by Simple Eye Exercises

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This Presbyopia Correction Program is a safe, tried and tested method that has helped thousands to see clearly again.

It has proven to be a effective solution for many people. And it will work for you too!

The only road block to clear vision is YOU!! Yes, unless you build this presbyopia correction technique into your daily routine, there is no way you could reverse your eye problem.

Also, don't expect your vision to recover overnight. If you are determined to follow through the exercises daily, you will see clearly again.

Points to Note for Presbyopia Correction

Presbyopia is an eye condition that typically occurs after the age of forty. Loss of elasticity in the lens of the eyes is the main cause of Presbyopia.


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If you develop presbyopia, you'll find that you need to hold books, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials at arm's length in order to focus properly. When you perform near work, such as embroidery or handwriting, you may have headaches or eyestrain, or feel fatigued. There are a few points to take note, in order for you to maximise the benefits of the eye exercises:

1. First, read and understand the steps of each Presbyopia correction exercise carefully.

2. Do not use glasses or contact unless you are instructed to.

3. Do the eye exercises in in non-glaring light. Vision chart or targets should be well lit at all times.

4. If the eye exercise requires you to close the eye, do so gently.

5. Do not strain your eyes while doing the eye exercise. The result would be better if you do not strain your eyes.

6. Rest your eyes after each eye exercise, and also at the end of the whole eye exercise. To relax your eyes, perform the eye relaxation exercises.

7. As our eyes are tired after a whole-day work, early morning is the best time for eye exercises.

8. If you do not have enough time to complete all the eye exercises for Presbyopia, you can do some in the morning and finish the rest in the later part of the day.

9. Learn about the different stages that you will experience when you begin to build your visual habits: The different stages as you build your visual habit.

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Eye Exercises for Presbyopia
... for Week 1 and 2

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Carry out the following warm up before the eye exercises for Presbyopia Correction.
To accelerate the progress of this vision therapy, we recommend that you download and practise "The 10 powerful visual techniques" daily:

(1) Warm up Exercise - Visualisation

(2) Warm up Exercise - The Lion Pose

After that, carry on with these eye exercises for farsightedness:

(1) Eye Exercise - Neck

(2) Eye Exercise - White Intersection

(3) Eye Exercise - Alternate Near & Far Gaze
This is one of the eye exercises which you can practise anywhere and anytime.

The benefits of this vision improvement process is that the crystaline lens become more flexible and thus enhance our ability to shift focus quickly from near to far, and vice versa.

(4) Eye Exercise - Visualise Near Letters
Visualisation is one of the eye strengthening exercises that has helped many people with blurred Vision to see clearly again.

Eye Exercises for Presbyopia
... for Week 3 and 4

(1) Warm up Exercise - Visualisation
For this vision correction programme, we aim to use visualisation to sooth and relax the body and the mind. The eyes will also get relaxed during the process.

(2) Warm up Exercise - Neck

Carry on with these eye exercises for farsightedness:

(1) Eye Exercise - Focal Flexibility
This eye exercise helps to improve the flexibility of your crystalline lens of the eye, and thus improve your vision and relieve eye strain.

(2) Eye Exercise - Thumb Pursuits
This Eye Exercise is one of the great techniques to exercise the muscles that move the eyes and to develop better eye-hand coordination. As the muscles that move the eyes become more flexible and strong, the eye strain caused by imbalance of these muscles is relieved.

(3) Eye Exercise - Changing Reading Distance
Discover and gain improved vision with this eye exercise - a simple, tried and tested program that has helped many with vision problems (e.g Presbyopia, Hypermetropia, myopia, etc).

(4) Eye Exercise - White Intersection
Blurry Vision can be caused by the inability of eyes to draw in focus and concentrate on near objects.

This vision correction exercise is especially helpful for those sufffer from Hypermetropia (Farsighetedness) and Presbyopia.

(5) Eye Exercise - Reading In
This natural vision correction program has shown very good results for many people.

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