Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) & Pink Eye Remedy

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Before we elaborate on the pink eye remedy, we have to find out what is pink eye (conjunctivitis)?

Pink eye is an inflammation of conjunctiva - the membrane that covers the eye and lines the inner surface of the eyelid.

Pink Eye Remedy

The three most common types of pink eye are:

  • viral,
  • allergic, and
  • bacterial

Each requires different pink eye remedy.

Other than the allergic type, pink eye is typically contagious.

What are the signs and symptoms of pink eye?

Various combinations of the following symptoms may be present in cases of pink eye:

  • Itching eye
  • Redness in eye
  • Photophobia (sensitivity to light)
  • Swelling of the lids and/or discharge from the eyes The consistency of possible discharge may range from watery to purulent (pus-like), depending on the specific cause of the pink eye.

What causes pink eye (conjunctivitis)?

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is often caused by viruses. It can also be caused by bacterial infections, allergies, chemicals, irritation from contact lenses or pollutants, as well as eye injury. Viral and bacterial pink eye are very contagious.

Bacterial or viral infections
These may occur when micro organisms are introduced or transmitted into the eye through contaminated hands, the use of washcloths or towels, cosmetics, use of false eyelashes or through the extended usage of contact lenses.

It is also quite common for a minor pink eye to accompany a viral cold or flu. Although bacterial infections and some of viral infections, particularly herpes, are not very common, they are potentially serious. Both types of infection are contagious.

Another major cause of pink eye is the presence of irritants, which may take the form of pollutant or particles in the air, smoke, soap, hairspray, makeup, chlorine, cleaning fluids, among other. Some people may also get pink eye due to a seasonal allergic response to grass and pollen.

Pink Eye Remedy

It usually takes about a few days or up to two weeks for pink eye remedy to clear up the eye problem. Pink eye that occurs due to an allergy may continue for as long as the offending pollen or irritant is present. With such conditions, symptoms are likely to recur each year or on a regular basis, even with proper pink eye remedy.

Pink eye remedy may vary depending on the cause. Eye health medication in the form of ointments, eye drops or pills may be used to eliminate the infection in the eye, or to alleviate and relieve the allergic symptoms and discomfort. In the case of pink eye that occurs due to a viral cold or flu, your doctor may recommend that you be patient and let the viral infection run its course.

These are some of the steps you should take in the pink eye remedy:

  • Apply a cool compress to the infected eye or eyes about three to four times a day for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you use a clean washcloth or towel each time. This should help to reduce itching and swelling and alleviate some of the discomfort.
  • Wash your hands frequently and be sure to keep them away from your eyes in order to reduce or prevent recontamination.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes. This may contribute to the spread of the infection and increase the irritation.
  • Wear sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to the light.
  • Avoid exposure to the irritants that may be causing the pink eye.
  • Dispose of old eye makeup if the culture for bacteria, taken by the doctor, turns out to be positive.
  • Change your pillowcase each night. Alternatively, you can change your pillowcase every other day and turn it over nightly.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses while you are using medication on your eyes, or if you feel discomfort in the eyes. Clean your contact lenses thoroughly before you begin using them again.

Can pink eye (conjunctivitis) be prevented?

Although many kinds of pink eye (conjunctivitis) are hard to prevent, you can take some measures to decrease the risk of re-contamination or spreading it to someone else .

Here are some eye health measures you can take to prevent re-contamination:

  • Do not share eye makeup or cosmetics of any kind with someone else. As far as possible, avoid sharing washcloths or towels.
  • Wash your hands frequently and keep them away from the eyes.
  • Wear protective goggles when you go swimming or when you have to work in a place that is exposed to chemicals that may irritate the eyes.
  • Do not use eye health medication, such eye drops, ointment, etc., which have not been prescribed for you. Someone else's prescription is not be suitable for you.
  • Avoid swimming in stagnant lakes or ponds.
  • Do not save remaining eye health medication for future use. Dispose of expired medication.

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