Why Do I Get Red Eyes And Minor Eye Discomfort After Reading or Watching TV?

You may notice that your children develop red eyes and complain of minor eye discomfort when they use their eye intently for a long period of time.

When children (or adults) concentrate their attention on near work, they tend to blink their eyes less frequently, or worse still, forget to blink their eyes totally.

When they blink their eyes less frequently, what happen is, their eyes will get dry, irritated and red.

Essentially, blinking wipes the surface of the eyes clear of microscopic particles in the air that get trapped by the tears. It also pulls the tears up into a smooth layer to cover the eye, wetting the surface and preventing dry spots in the cornea.

So, what can you do to help? Well, just ask your children to take a short break. Let the eyes rest, and allow the tears to build up to their normal levels. If you want a quicker relief, you can also use artificial tear eyedrops to remove any irritants and wet the surface of the eye.

Some time, your children’s eyes are red because they are explosed to an irritating environment, such as a smoke-filled room or a chlorinated swimming pool.

In this situation, the eyes usually blink more than normal. Unfortunately, the amount of irritants that touch the eye are simply too overwhelming for your eyes.

I would suggest that you quickly get them away from the irritating environment, and apply a one or two drops of artificial tears eyedrops to sooth the minor eye discomfort. If the eye condition do not get better after a few hours, quickly consult an eye doctor. This is because an eye allergy or other problem that needs more aggressive treatment may be causing the redness.