Efficient Vision Through Visualiation - The Mind's Eye Technique

What is "mind's eye" visualisation? It is the ability to form mental images in your “mind's eye," retain or store them for future recall, or for synthesis into new mental images beyond your current or past direct experiences.

Visualisation helps you to relax various eye muscles, facilitate focus-control and improve your eye sight.

In this exercise, you will visualise the flame of a candle with the mind's eye.

1. Light a candle in a dark room with closed windows. Prevent air-currents so that the candle flame remains stable.

2. The candle shows three distinct colours: the central dark spot around the wick, the bright golden yellow colour surrounding the dark spot (and forming the major part of the flame) and the blue color at the tip.

3. Sit around fifteen to eighteen inches away from the candle. Observe the various parts and colors of the flame for a few seconds.

4. Now, close your eyes and visualise the flame with your mind's eye. Note that there is "after-image" (spots of light that temporarily remain on our retina after we look at a bright light) formed. Try to make your visualisation as vivid as possible, visualise all the three colours.

5. When the after-image disappears after a few seconds, open your eyes.

6. Repeat this process three to five times.

7. When you have completed this exercise, perform palming for two minutes or more.

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