Use Magnetic Therapy to Improve EyeSight and Prevent Eye Disorder

Lasik Surgery

Magnetic therapy is a comparatively new mode of treatment, which uses therapeutic magnets to influence various organs and body-processes suitably.

It has been observed or claimed by a number of researchers of international repute that the treatment of eyes with appropriate, weak magnets for about 15 to 30 minutes every day helps to preserve or improve eyesight and prevent eye-disorders.

In the treatment of eyes, the cooling and degenerationretarding waves of the south-seeking (or simply south) pole of a magnet are utilised.

The south pole of a magnet, when placed adjacent to (or in contact with) an eye, produces the following magnetic therapy:

(1) It relieves eye-strain and eye-pain by virtue of its cooling properties and thus refreshes the eye. This effect is useful in the prevention and control of visual errors and muscle-imbalances.

(2) It inhibits the activity of various micro-organisms (mainly bacteria) that may have happened to enter the eye. This effect is useful in the prevention and control of eyeinfections, especially those of the conjunctiva.

(3) It slows down degenerative processes occurring in the eye. This effect is useful in preventing or delaying eyedisorders of old age, like cataract.

It should be noted that the magnetic treatment of eyes is absolutely safe and entirely devoid of undesirable side-effects.

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