Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

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Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) is a visual defect characterised by subnormal vision which cannot be corrected with glasses, in spite of an absence of demonstrable disease.

This eye disorder is the natural consequence of long-term disuse or suppression of an eye. It should be noted that severe congenital visual defects in both eyes, if not corrected in time, may result in laziness of both the eyes.

The physical effects of amblyopia. are similar to those of suppression of an eye.

Test To See Whether You Have Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

For this test, you would need the Distant vision chart.

And, if glasses are required for distant vision, you should wear them for this test.

Test Procedure

(1) Sit or stand twenty feet from the chart.

(2) Cover the left eye with the left parm.

(3) looking at the distant chart, can you read at least six lines clearly ?

(4) If six lines are not visible, see through a minute hole (pinhole), made in a small piece of cardboard. Are six lines clearly visible now?

(5) Repeat the entire routine with the left eye, keeping the right eye covered with the right palm.

Evaluation of the Test Results for Lazy Eye

Inability to read at least six lines clearly through the pinhole points to a possibility of eye laziness (amblyopia).

Vision not clear previously, but becoming clear on peeping through the pin-hole indicates a change in spectacle power and not lazy eye.

It should be noted that subnormal vision, not improving on seeing through a pinhole, may also be a result of some eye-disease.

Help for Lazy Eye

Binocular amblyopia (laziness of both eyes) is usually the result of high refractive errors not corrected (with glasses) in time.

If that's your situation, you should first go and get glasses of appropriate powers.

Thereafter, the eye exercise programme will depend upon whether you have myopia or hypermetropia.

Amblyopia (laziness) of only one eye may be the result of either uncorrected uniocular high refractive error or longstanding squint of the affected eye. Professional eye-examination is necessary to determine the cause and severity of the problem. Thereafter, the most important part of the treatment consists of occluding (i.e., keeping covered) the vision of the good eye for as long as possible during the day.

Eye Patch
Thus, the lazy eye is compelled to work and see and therefore, improves rapidly.

Besides, eye exercises for myopia or eye exercises for farsightedness or eye exercises for squint, depending upon the cause, should be employed.

It was once believed that amblyopia of adults cannot be helped much. But now that view is being discared because it has been seen that even old case of amblyopia respond favourably to occlusion and exercises. Better late than never!

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