Improved Vision With Eye Exercises - Reverse Your Vision Problems


Discover and gain improved vision with eye exercises - simple, tried and tested program that has helped many with vision problems (e.g Presbyopia, Hypermetropia, myopia, etc).

This exercise aims to develop the flexibility of your crystalline lens. You would need a book for this eye exercise. If you could, avoid using glasses in this eye strengthening exercise.

1. Hold and read the book about fifteen inches away.

2. Carry on your reading, and move the book slowly in small horizontal circles so that the book alternately approaches you and recedes away from you.

3. Try to maintain clear vision of your reading.

4. Continue the process for two to three 3 minutes.

5. At the end of the exercise, relax your eyes by performing palming.

As your ability and your lens' flexibility improves, move the book faster and in larger circles.

To gain improved vision with eye exercises, incorporate the program in your daily routine. All the best for your eye health!

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