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I have always wanted to build my own website - and I am glad that I chanced upon the Ken Evoy's Site Built It! program.

When I first see the program, I was surprised that this program is not only a website development tools, but also an online business instruction.

Well, I must salute Site Built It! for the way that they guide the novice like me.

I have always heard that preparation, planning, and research are a MUST when starting out on the internet. But I have never seen any other web hosting companies do it the way they did. I was really surprised at the amount of planning and training SiteSell provides BEFORE they give you the site. In fact, most of this training is FREE to everyone! Their 10-day video guide to online marketing success can be viewed right now at the free Video Action Guide webpage.


So what do you do in days 1 - 5? Simple: YOU PLAN! That is what SiteBuildIt is trying to stress here! They want to make sure you are ready for your site BEFORE they set it up for you. They do give you one domain name (which you can choose) included in the price. (Hosting, by the way is also included in the annual price!) But once you choose your niche and domain name, it is hard to change it. So the education here is great, especially if you are new to the online marketing business.

Starting from DAY 1, we begin with the right process. Content Traffic PREsell Monetize

Here is my favorite thing that I was not expecting at all: The Brainstorm It! Tool!


One tool that is provided on Day 1 of your membership is this brainstorming tool. This keyword tool is one of the best I have used! It is powered by Wordtracker (which would cost you about $30/week, but is included free with Site Built It!).


Plus, you can dig into these keywords to find competitor sites, content, images, Google bid prices and more. All of your research is stored in your account (which you can export to a spreadsheet at any time). Personally, I found this tool to be easier to manage that the other two major keyword tools in the business.

You simply type in a keyword you wish to research and in a matter of minutes receive a full keyword analysis report (much like you would from Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery).


But this is a bit cooler than the other, pay tools that are out there. Just like other keyword tools, you get competition and demand figures, but its profitablity rating is much improved over the old KEI statistic (which, in my opinion is rather useless).

This one made me laugh a bit...

Want a Video Tour of the Brainstorm It! Tool and more?
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Another research tool that I found rather convenient is their Search It! Tool.


This is a little bit of a broader research tool in that it allows you to perform a number of research, content, and resource tasks that are provided on free websites throughout the internet. Of course, you can do this yourself, but the SearchIt! Tool integrates all of these features into a simple dialog box.

Did I mention that anyone can use this tool? Check it out yourself at the SearchIt! Toolbox. Members do get a "cleaner" version of the tool (meaning that they do not view the tutorial pages and there are no time limits on its usage), but as a free user, the tool is very functional!

Turned Tennis into Checks...

Now is where you can start to build your own website. SiteBuildIt! provides you with two options for creating pages:

1) Upload your own HTML onto their server2) Use their content management system to create a website in the browser itself (no HTML, FTP or other technical knowledge required).

For most people choosing to use SiteBuildIt, they will focus mostly on the Content Management System (CMS). The way this works is simple:

You first chose a theme for your website (which you can customize in their Look and Feel Selector section).


Here you can customize the theme by changing things such as the color, the background images, the fonts, the sizes, and the alignment, just to name a few.

Now you are ready to start adding content. This is as simple as filling in dialog boxes, like the one shown below:


Hit Built It! and you have your first page up! It is that simple:


From this point, you can add pages, navigation bars, RSS Feed links almost anything that a standard website can offer. All this is done through simple dialog boxes, much like the one shown above. And of course, you can always go back and edit or change the pages or styles that you have already created through these simple menus.

SBI Business Center ImageBeyond this, Site Central includes a number of other resources that focus on their other three processes to success:

  • Traffic
  • PreSell
  • Monetize

These are addressed in their Business Center also located on the Site Central web page. Here you will find the tools and links to continue analyzing your market while recording the vital analytical statistics required to grow your business or website (such as a built-in traffic analyzer).

Great Story ...

My point here is that this is a great value, especially for the newbie. Plus you are part of a community with the SBI forum to discuss technical or strategic issues. Is SiteBuildIt for everyone? Probably not. For those experienced in developing websites already, SiteBuildIt may be a little bit constricting and not cost effective (from a hosting stand-point). SBI allows you to upload your own HTML web pages, but if you are a Dreamweaver or Frontpage designer, for example, this would not be my recommendation. Also, those looking for a true eCommerce solution (i.e., one with large shopping carts, integrated gateways, affiliate programs, etc.) should consider content management systems aimed at building eStores (check out eCommerce Website Reviews).

SiteBuildIt is really aimed towards the online website beginner. This includes:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • eStores focusing on a low number of products (info products, home based sales, dropshipping, etc.)
  • Landing Pages
  • Personal Websites (family website, etc.)
  • Simple Business Websites (to support pre-existing brick-n-mortar stores)
  • Professional Websites (to support services-providers like CPAs, Realtors, Lawyers, Doctors, Consultants, etc.)
  • Other (any application that requires a professional looking website that is affordable and easy to manage)

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P.S. Be sure to check out the User Testimonials of this product!

*RECENT NEWS: Solo Build It! now offers you a monthly $29.99/month payment plan! Check out SiteSell Right Now for more details!