Hot And Cold Compress Of Eyes

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Both hot and cold compress of eyes are simple ways to relieve eye strains and dry eyes. For both compress methods, you would need a clean tower, place it in cold water or warm water of about 50 degree celcius.

Hot Compress - A helpful alternative treatment for dry eyes

You should really give it a try if you have dry eyes.

Let me explain why this is so. Our tears are not just water. They have 3 separate layers:

  • Oil;
  • mucus; and
  • watery tears.

Hot and Cold Compress for Dry Eyes The oil are produced by the Meibomian oil glands in the eye lids. It forms the outermost layer that helps to slow down the evaporation of tears (i.e. the watery component).

Hot compress will help to stimulate the oil glands and reduce clotting of oil. This will retard evaporation of tears. Hot compress also helps to improve blood circulation and relieve your eyes.

It would be difficult to fall asleep when your eyes are strained. At this time, compress a warm tower on your eye lids to relieve your eye strains. It would help you to rest better.

Hot and Cold Compress for Dry Eyes

Cold compress for eyes that are "over-worked"

There are many factors that can contribute to the development of dry eyes. For example, when you are preoccupied with your work, as when you stared at a computer, you would blink less often.

Hot and Cold Compress for Dry Eyes

Something as simple as that can cause a serious dry eyes condition. The symptoms developed include redness or burning; decrease quantity of tears; and difficulty reading because of discomfort.

In such situation, try the cold compress method to relieve the “heat” around your eyes. Cold compress helps to regulate the blood circulation around your eyes and relieve the strains in your eyes.

When you are applying the compress method, relax your body. Rest comfortably, try doing the cold compress method first, then follow by the hot compress method. You will feel great!

Should I use "Cold Compress" or "Hot Compress"?

Well, let's just say that both methods are simple and effective. It really doesn’t matter whether you use the hot compress or cold compress method, so long as it relieves the strain of your eyes.


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