- Use Healthy Eye Exercises To See Clearly

Visualisation is one of the healthy eye exercises that helps to relax the various eye muscles, facilitate better focus, and improve your sight.

This exercise will illustrate how to stretch out our gaze and relax the crystalline lens of your eyes.

You would need to use the distant vision chart for this eye exercise. Use Glasses only if you cannot read even first (biggest) letter of the chart from a distance of five feet from the chart (i.e. High Myopia).

1. Find a well-illuminated wall, and hand the chart at a height of about three feet from the ground.

2. Sit comfortably at such a distance that the letters of the fourth line can just be read (i.e. the letters of the fifth line cannot be read). Note this distance.

3. Now, look at the topmost letter of the chart. Move your eyesight along the letter in the same manner as it is written for once or twice.

4. Then close your eyes and try to visualise the letter. Strive for a vivid imagination so that the visualised letter is of the same size, textual and colour intensity as the actual letter.

5. Open your eyes. If you find the letter immediately in focus and quite clear, you have done this visualisation exercise successfully.

6. Continue in the same manner for all the other letters in the second, the third and the fourth lines.

7. Same as other healthy eye exercises, do perform palming to relax your eyes at the end.

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