Ge Gen

Although Ge Gen has been condemned as a pernicious weed in the U.S., recent research has highlighted its positive use in combating addiction, notably alcoholism.

People taking extracts have been found to reduce their alcohol intake significantly. In Chinese medicine, it is the flower rather than root that is preferred as a remedy for drunkenness, although Shen Nong recommends that the root will help to ease vomiting and clear various types of toxins.

BOTANICAL NAME: Pueraria lobata

COMMON NAME: Kudzu vine

FAMILY: Leguminosae / Papilionaceae


TASTE: Sweet, pungent


MERIDIANS: Spleen, stomach

ACTIONS: Antispasmodic, circulatory stimulant, reduces fever, mild hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), and reduces blood sugar

TRADITIONAL USES • to disperse wind-heat and wind-cold evils • to raise the yang Qi • to relieve skin eruptions, produce body fluids, and cool the body

TYPICAL CHINESE DOSE: 1-9 grams (3/100 – 1/3 ounce)

COMBINATIONS : Used with Bo He for feverish chills and in the early stages of measles; with Shan Yao (Chinese yam, Dioscorea opposita) and Fu Ling for diarrhoea associated with deficient spleen and stomach. It can also be used with Ma Huang, Gui Zhi, and Bai Shao Yao for wind-cold problems.

CAUTIONS: Avoid in stomach chills or if there is excessive sweating.

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