Gao Ben

Gao Ben is closely related to the lovage (Ligusticum levislicum syn. Levisticum officinale), which is used as a culinary seasoning in the West.

Goo Ben is widely used for menstrual problems and after childbirth, although its main medicinal uses are to treat chills and for pain relief. The herb was listed by Shen Nong as being useful for headaches associated with wind as well as helping to "render the facial complexion attractive"

BOTANICAL NAME: ligusticum sinense

COMMON NAME: Chinese lovage, Straw weed

FAMILY: Umbelliferae / Apiaceae

PARTS USED: Root and rhizome

TASTE: Pungent


MERIDIANS: Urinary bladder

ACTIONS: Antifungal, analgesic, antispasmodic

TRADITIONAL USES• to clear wind-cold symptoms • to clear various wind-damp symptoms

TYPICAl CHINESE DOSE:2-10 grams (7/100 - 1/3 ounce)

COMBINATIONS Used with Chuan Xiong and other worming herbs for pain at the top of the head; with Wu Zhu Yu and Xiao Hui Xiang for abdominal pains associated with cold-damp, and with Cang Zhu for bock and joint pains.

CAUTIONS:Avoid where there is internal heat due to yin deficiency.

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