Eye Exercise - Simple Fusion

The two images of an object, formed in our two eyes are fused into one by the brain. Therefore, we do not see double. Good fusion is like an insurance against squint, i.e., to say, it prevents a latent squint (if any) from becoming manifest. Good fusion is indispensable for efficient eyes and vision. In this eye exercise, your would need a small rectangutar mirror, two 8" x 10" sheets of paper - one red and the other green.

Do not use glasses in this exercise.

The Procedures

Stand in a corner of your room so that one wall is twenty inches in front of your eyes and the side wall is twenty inches from your ear.

Stick the red paper on the wall in front of your eyes at about eye-level. Stick the green paper on the side-wall opposite your ear.

Eye Exercies To Improve Fusion

Take the mirror and place it against your ,nose so that you can look into the mirror with the eye nearest to the sidewall and see the green paper reflected in the mirror. The other eye sees the red paper lying straight ahead.

Adjust the mirror gently so that the red and the green papers become superimposed. Try to see an equal mixture of colours for ten counts. Then close your eyes and relax for a while. Complete five such cycles.

Repeat the exercise in a different corner of your room so that you have to keep the mirror in front of the other eye.

Note: At the end, perform palming for 2 minutes or more.

The Benefits

This exercise helps to overcome suppression and facilitate fusion.

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