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Effective Eye Exercises

Password Protected Pages


Snellen Chart
This 1-Page Snellen Eye Chart is useful for daily eye exercises.

Distant and Near Vision Charts
Use this chart to determine how well your vision works based on near and far distances.

Presbyopia Reduction Chart
Presbyopia can be reversed or delayed by learning to cross your eyes while using the Presbyopia Reduction Chart.Highly effective and useful!

Astigmatism Dial Chart
You will need this chart when you are testing for Astigmatism

The 10 Must Have Visual Techniques To Accelerate Your Vision Improvement!
The 10 Must Have Visual Techniques

The MUST HAVE e-Book if you are serious in improving your eyesight.

This e-Books covers the 10 powerful techniques that you should learn. They will really accelerate your progress. So, get a copy, study them carefully, don't skip anything and don't take short cuts.

eye exercises free gift
Think And Grow Rich

"Think and Grow Rich" is a highly respected and read book. It has sold millions of copies and is a "Bible" for people who are searching financial freedom.This is my personal favorite. Many successful men and women also refer to it as having made major impact in their lives. A Must Read.

Click here to read about the review and the price of the book at Amazon site), and you will see why the donation is well worth.

The Bates Method
The Bates Method - The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses

You must read this original programme from Dr Bates. An important section of the book is devoted to the prevention of myopia in schools and to home treatment for children and adults. Explicit directions for the home cure or home relief of defective vision are given.


You will also get to download these ebooks FREE. As time goes by, we will be adding more to this list.

Free eBooks on Eye Health

Lazy Eye – Symtoms & Treatment Options Protect Your Children's Eyesight
Colour Vision Deficiency Take Care of Your Eyes
Diabetic Eye Disease Tibetan Eye Exercises
Eye Sight Test Our Eyes & Possible Diseases
Nutrition And Cataracts The Importance of Nutrition In Ocular Health
Top 10 Food For Eye Health Essential Vision Skills For Tennis Players
Eye Exercises, Acupressure Eye Massage And Life Style Considerations 5 Vision Exercises (Illustrated With Pictures)

More Health eBooks

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease Breastfeed For A Healthier Child
Make Your Home Safe for the Child Your Teeth Are Precious Assets
Dental Injuries - What You Can Do Help Your Child Stay Trim And Fit
Hepatitis B - Get Your Child Immunised Baby's First Food and Sample Menus
Strong Bones For Your Children Help Your Kids To Self-Monitor Their Healthy Lifestyle
Common Oral Conditions - Causes, Signs, Prevention And Management

Free Massage eBooks

50 Foot Reflexology TechniquesPractical Massage Techniques

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~ Dale Carnegie ~

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