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Eye Exercises & Eye Care Tips - $10 off the Rebuild Your Vision Program
June 13, 2007

$10 off the Rebuild Your Vision Program


I hope you're enjoying your Vision Defense Software. If you haven't had a chance to claim your free download, you can grab it now at:

Vision Defense Software

The Vision Defense Software is an excellent tool for reducing near-point stress and computer vision syndrome which are attributed to be a leading a cause of vision loss.

And the next step to improving your vision is the Rebuild Your Vision Program.

Just 25 minutes a day in the comfort of your home and within weeks, even days, you can begin to see sharper and crisper.

Your eyes will feel stronger. And you will begin to reverse the cycle of deterioration your vision has been experiencing.

Just listen to Sylvia from Newton, Maryland who recently emailed her story of vision improvement…

"After using the program for a month my eyes could see --without glasses-- both further distances, as well as close up. Several months after I stopped the program my ophthalmologist was amazed at my improvement. (Much younger than myself, she had submitted to lasik surgery, thinking that it was the only solution for poor eyesite.) I love this program!"

-Sylvia Burse, Newton, MA

I talked to Orlin Sorensen (the founder of the Rebuild Your Vision Program) that day. And guess what, he's offering $10 off the Rebuild Your Vision Program to the subscribers of for the next 5 days.

The fact is thousands of people have improved their vision naturally with the Rebuild Your Vision Program. Over a 94% customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself. You can improve your vision without glasses, contacts, or laser surgery.

And in addition to receiving $10 off the Rebuild Your Vision Program, Orlin Sorensen is also including 3 bonuses worth $289.

This offer is only available to my Vision Series subscribers so you must click this special link to take advantage of this special offer through midnight on Sunday, June 17th, 2007:

June 2007 $10 Off Promotion

Take the first step toward improving your vision naturally.

To your vision – for life.


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