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Eye Exercises & Eye Care Tips - How To Prevent Vision Loss From Computer Use
June 08, 2007

, How To Prevent Vision Loss From Computer Use

Near-point activities like computer use and reading are reported by the American Optometric Association as one of the leading causes of vision loss.

Not only can computer use cause dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision, it can also cause permanent vision damage.

Luckily there are a few simple habits that you can perform throughout your day that can prevent these problems and further vision loss.

But remembering to constantly perform these simple habits(like the "10-10-10" rule) throughout your busy day is extremely challenging.

That's why I'm thrilled about this "Vision Defense Software." It reminds you to perform these simple tasks throughout your day while at your computer.

The Vision Defense Software is fully customizable to the way you work. It installs on your computer in just a couple minutes and it's extremely simple to use. If you can open your email, you can use this software.

Best of all, I'm giving it away to my subscribers completely free !!.

I'm serious. There is no need to buy anything.

Because if just a fraction of the United States population used this software there would be a reduction of vision problems in mass proportions.

And helping people improve and restore their vision naturally is our #1 goal.

So download your free Vision Defense Software now and start protecting your eyes against vision loss by going to:

Vision Defense Software

To your vision - for life.


P.S. The Vision Defense Software can save your eyesight from further vision loss. Download it now at: Vision Defense Software

If you like this software,, please do a friend and me a big favor and "pay it forward" - forward this email and save their eyesight!

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