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Eye Exercises & Eye Care Tips, Issue #001 -- What's New
August 02, 2006

You CAN improve your vision,!

This is where you get useful eye exercises, tips for better eye health and more.

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Free Eye Exercises

Issue #001, 3 August 2006

It's funny that many people know that regular exercises are importance for good health, but we seldom hear anyone talking about eye exercises.

I thought I would like to do something about that.

And here it is - this e-Zine aims to gentlely remind you to take good care of your eyes, and to improve your vision naturally. It would be wonderful if you share these eye care info with someone you care about.

I've included some great stuff in this issue. Here they are:

1) Pop-up programme for vision break This is a little programme that helps to remind you to give your eyes a break after every 30 to 40 minutes of using the computer.

You can set the time for the Pop-up to appear and remind yourself to take a vision break. Click here to download it free.

2) Some simple exercises for your vision break These exercises are simple and effective to treat dry eyes and relieve eye strain.

3) Hot and Cold Compress of Eyes I use these compress methods for eye relaxation before bed time. They are great, I used them after watching world cup late at night. :)

4) Deep Breathing No many people know that deep breathing is important for our health. The Chinese discover it thousands of years ago.

Just take ten minutes a day, maybe when you walking home, after a shower or before bed time, do some deep breathing. Lie on the floor, stretch, take a few good deep breaths, then get into a sitting or standing position, breath deeply.

5) Set 1 of Ba Duan Jin Exercises (also known as the Eight Brocade of Silk) is a simple exercise for relaxation and eye health. The history of Ba Duan Jin can be dated back to 800 years ago.

6) Commencement Address by Steve Jobs Yes, yes, this has nothing to do with eye care. But the article touches me, and if you think so too, share it with someone. Thatís the love of sharing.

To access our Free Download, please use the password "vision2006"

So much for this issue. Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful for your vision.

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