Eye Vision Exercise - A Revolutionary Natural Vision Correction Method

This eye vision exercise uses the mind's eye to teach you how to release the focus of your eyes. Myopes usually hold their focus too tight.

For this eye exercise, you would need a book. Do not use glasses during the exercise.

1. Hold the book at such a distance from where you can easily read.

2. While you are reading, push the book gradually away from the eyes (at the rate of one inch every thiry seconds) until the vision begins to blur moderately.

3. At this point, close your eyes and visualise a distant scene. Experience the release of your eye muscles and focus. Continue projecting your vision at a distance.

4. Open your eyes gently. Slowly ease your focus towards the page so that you are able to read clearly again.

5.Continue reading at this distance. Again, push the book very gradually away(at the rate of one inch a minute). As soon as you encounter blurring of vision, close your eyes. Repeat the steps of distant visualisation, and then draw in the focus.

6. Continue to do this, until you can no longer extend the reading distance. Note this distance.

7. When you finish this exercise, you should perform a two minute palming to rest your eyes.

8. Try to perform this eye vision exercise daily. Read at your longest reading distance for at least 15 minutes each time.

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