Use This Eye Tracking Exercise To Improve Your Sight

Lasik Surgery

This Eye Tracking Exercise is an easy and effective vision correction method to improve the flexibility of the crystalline lenses of your eyes. And at the same time, prevent or decrease any existing visual defects.

For vision to be clear, the eyes has to shift its focus easily and smoothly from near to far, and vice versa.

Therefore, it is very important for you to develop the flexibility of your crystalline lens. When the crystalline lens is inflexible, your eyes will feel strained.

1. Hold the index finger of one of your hand near your nose tip. Fix your gaze on the finger-tip.

2. Move your hand away from your nost till your arm is fully stretched.

3. Now, bring the finger back to your nose tip. Continue looking at the tip of your finger at all time.

4. Repeat the exercise twenty times.

5. When you have finished, relax your eyes by performing palming.

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