Use Eye Strengthening Exercise To Improve Your Vision

Visualisation is one of the eye strengthening exercises that has helped many people with blurred Vision to see clearly again.

In this eye exercise, you will feel the muscle contract when it concentrates on a near object. This exercise is especially useful for people with Hypermetropia.

Hypermetropia is a defect of vision in which a person is able to focus on objects in the distance, but not on close objects. It is caused by the failure of the lens to return to its normal rounded shape, or by the eyeball being too short, with the result that the image is focused on a point behind the retina.

This exercise strengthens the ability to draw in the focus, which is needed when performing near-point tasks (which the hypermetropes are found to lag in).

For this eye exercise, you would need the letter chart. Do not use glasses when performing this exercise.

1. Hold the chart at a distance of fifteen inches away.

2. Look at the topmost letters of the chart. Move your eye sight along the letter in the same manner as it is written.

3. Now close your eyes. Try to visualise the letter with your mind's eye. Strive for a vivid imagination so that the imagined letter is of the same size and colour intensity as the actual letter.

4. Open your eyes. You have successfully completed the visualisation exercise if you find the letter immediately in focus and quite clear.

5. Repeat for all the other letters.

6. As in other eye strengthening exercises, perform palming for two minutes or more.

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