Visualising Distant Scene - An Eye Relaxing Exercise

This is a eye relaxing exercise that works well for people suffered from Myopia (near sightedness).This particular group of people usually hold their focus too tight.

In this eye relaxing exercise, they will visualise a distant scene in their mind, and thus learn to release the focus and feel relaxed.

1. Sit comfortably in a quiet room. Close your eyes and think of a familiar distant scene.

2. Try to imagine details like colours, textures and weather so that the image becomes vivid.

3. Observe the horizon. Notice the size, shape and movement of distant objects.

4. Feel the warmth of the sun. Feel how relaxed your eyes are.

5. Holding that eye position, open your eyes. The most distant objects around you should be in focus and clear immediately.

Repeat step 1 - 5 another three to five times.

Notes: If you are getting your child to do this exercise, narrate the scene to him/her: "imagine a distant boat in the sea. See how small the boat is. Now watch the boat sailing towards the shore where you are standing. It is approaching very slowly, getting larger and larger in size. Now you can the sailors standing on its deck. What kind of ship is it? What is its colour? Does it have sails? Tell me about what you see. Now send it back out to the sea. Watch it as it gets really small and smaller."
At this moment, ask your child to open his/her eyes. Distant object should be in focus and quite clear immediately.

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