Eye Problems Causing Headaches

This relates to eye problems causing headaches.

Two years ago, I went for a cornea transplant and found that the astigmatism in my right eye is very high. I have changed my glasses a few times, but keep getting headaches.

An eye specialist told me this is due to my astigmatism.

What can I do to ease the headaches?

High astigmatism can indeed cause headaches.

High astigmatism may be corrected by spectacles, contact lenses or lasik surgery. You may also consider these eye exercises for astigmatism for natural vision correction.

However, it is also important to exclude other common factors that may contribute to or aggravate the eyestrain.

One such factor is presbyopia, which is a naturally occurring phenomenon as one reaches the age of 40 to 45 years, in which the focusing muscles of the eye become progressively weaker, resulting in difficulty reading small print and tiredness.

This can be easily overcome by using reading glasses and eye exercises for Presbyopia.

The next common cause is dry eyes, which may be relieved by frequent use of tear substitutes or ocular lubricants.

Finally, some headaches may not arise from the eyes, but rather from poor posture or neck strain. This is particularly common in people who work long hours on the desktop or laptop computer. You should try doing some neck exercises to improve your blood circulation.

If your still find your eye problems causing headaches, consult your doctors for a timely advice.

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