Eye Muscle Exercise - Improves Your Vision and Focal Flexibility

Eye muscle exercise (or eye tracking and fixation exercise) help to improve the flexibility of your crystalline lens of the eye, and thus improve your vision and relieve eye strain.

You would need to use the distant vision chart, the near vision chart for this eye muscle exercise.

Try not to use your glasses, unless your distant or near vision is too weak.

1. Find a well illuminated room, and hang the distant vision chart on the wall. The vision chart should be about 3 feet from the ground.

2. Sit at a distance from the chart so that you can read at least the first four lines.

3. Hold the near vision chart about fifteen inches away from you.

4. Look at the near chart. Read the smallest letters that are legible for a few seconds.

5. Then shift your focus to the distant vision chart. Read the letters of that chart for a few seconds.

6. Repeat the above process ten times. At the same time, notice how long it takes for you to see clearly when you shift your gaze from one chart to the other.

7. Perform palming to relax your eyes at the end of the exercise.

As your ability and your lenses' flexibility increase, gradually sit further away from the distant chart, and hold the near vision chart closer to your eyes.

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