The Eye Fitness Test

This is a simple eye fitness test to find out your visual fitness.

When you attempt these question, use the following five-point scale for each question of this eye fitness test:

0 - Never applies
1 - Seldom applies
2 - Occasionally applies
3 - Frequently applies
4 - Always applies

Use a piece of paper, and write down your experience using the 5 point scale.

If you wear glasses, consider the statement as if you were wearing your glasses. For instance, for the statement, "When you read, the print blurs," consider only those times blurring occurs while you are wearing your reading glasses, not when you have your glasses off.

When you complete each section, add up your scores for all questions.

Eye Fitness Test - Section 1

1. When you read, the print blurs.

2. When you read, the print runs together

3. When you read, the print looks unsteady or dances.

4. Reading gives you eyestrain or headaches.

5. Reading puts you to sleep.

6. You avoid reading for fun.

7. You avoid longer books.

8. Ydu avoid books with smaller print.

9. When you read, you get the feeling that you'd rather be somewhere else

10. You rapidly fatigue and lose comprehension when reading.

11. You have to whisper to yourself when reading.

12. Reading gives you an upset stomach.

13 You lose your place and skip or reread lines.

14. You're afraid to read out loud in front of other people.

15. Reading takes too much effort.

16. You read ""

17. You have to reread sentences to understand what you are reading.

Add up your total scores for Section 1: ___________

Eye Fitness Test - Section 2

18. You get eyestrain or headaches when you drive.

19. You get carsick, especially when sitting in the back seat.

20. You rapidly fatigue when driving.

21. You dislike driving at night.

22. You have difficulty judging how far away other cars are.

23. You find parallel parking difficult.

24. You have to look twice because you can't trust yourself to see things correctly the first time.

25. You have difficulty tel ling how fast other cars are moving.

26. You have trouble seeing road signs.

27. It makes you nervous to drive when traffic is heavy.

28. It makes you nervous to drive on the freeway.

29. At night, the taillights ahead of you seem to double up.

30. You get lost easily when driving.

31. Your worries about driving limit your activities.

Add up your total scores for Section 2: ___________

Eye Fitness Test - Section 3

32. You have more trouble with computer and desk work as the day goes on.

33. You have to schedule your computer and desk work in the' morning when you're fresh.

34. Your productivity goes down as the day progresses.

35. You get eyestrain or headaches during computer or desk work.

36. Your stomach gets upset during computer or desk work.

37. You reverse numbers at Work, such as seeing 36 for 63.

38. You have to check your work for errors constantly because your eyes play tricks on you.

39. Your computer oldest work takes longer than it should.

40. You put off your desk work and instead spend your time talking, either face-to-face or on the phone.

41. You'd have second thoughts about a promotion if it meant more reading or desk work.

Add up your total scores for Section 3: ___________

Eye Fitness Test - Section 4

42. You have trouble maintaining eye contact when speaking to someone.

43. You feel like backing away when a person is speaking to you.

44. You feel as if you need to move right up next to people when they are talking to you.

45. You are too tired to enjoy your friends or family after a day of using your eyes.

46. After a day of using your eyes, you are irritable or short-tempered.

47. Sore eyes or headaches interfere with your relationships.

48. Desk work drags on forever so you have little time left to enjoy your friends or family.

49. The effort it takes you to read has kept you from going back to school and is therefore limiting your income.

50. Your worries about driving limits the number of activities in which you or your children get to participate.

51. Your reading ability affects your confidence around others.

52. Your driving ability affects your confidence around others.

53. Your coordination affects your confidence around others.

Add up your total scores for Section 4: ___________

Eye Fitness Test - Section 5

(If the question concerns a sport you don't play, give yourself a score of 0.)

54. When you exercise, you prefer walking, running, swimming, calisthenics, or lifting weights rather than visual activities such as baseball, tennis, or golf.

55. When it comes to ball sports, you're a klutz.

56. You've always avoided participating in ball sports.

57. It's hard to catch or hit a ball.

58. When playing golf, your short game is more difficult.

59. When playing golf, it's not easy to read the green.

60. When playing golf or tennis, you consistently hit long or short.

61. In whatever ball sport you play, it's harder to maintain your concentration the longer the game continues.

62. In any ball sport, you're not as good as your technique would predict.

63. In tennis you have trouble with returning lobbed shots.

64. In tennis, you have more difficulty at the net than at the baseline.

Add up your total scores for Section 5: ___________

Eye Fitness Test - Section 6

65. It bothers you to walk down stairs.

66. You bump into things.

67. When dancing, you have two left feet.

68. It makes you nervous to walk in a crowd.

69. You're clumsy.

70. You trip and stumble if you're not careful.

Add up your total scores for Section 6: ___________

Eye Fitness Test - Section 7

(If you don't wear glasses, give yourself a score of 0 next to the questions that mention glasses-)

71. Things are blurry for a moment when you look up from reading or computer work,

72. You get headaches or eye strain when you use your eyes for careful seeing.

73. Your stomach gets upset after you use your eyes for careful seeing.

74. Things blur in and out of focus when you look at them.

75. Your glasses give you headaches or eyestrain even though you need them to see.

76. Wearing your glasses makes you sick to your stomach.

77. Since you started wearing glasses you find yourself avoiding reading.

78. It makes you nervous to search the crowded shelves in the grocery store.

79. it's hard to fall asleep because you keep chattering to yourself.

Add up your total scores for Section 6: ___________

The Result of Your Eye Fitness Test

Add up all your scores in this eye fitness test, if you grade:

0 to 10 Excellent -- wow!

11 to 20 Good - still room for improvement

21 to 40 Fair - but plenty of room for improvement.

Greater than 40 Time to start your eye exercise workouts -- yesterday!

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