Using Eye Exercises to Help Improve Vision
- Visualise the Breathing Process

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This is one of the simple but effective eye exercises to help improve vision.

For this vision correction programme, we aim to use visualisation to sooth and relax the body and the mind. The eyes will also get relaxed during the process.

The key to unstrained and better vision is relaxation.

This eye exercise requires you to visualise the movements of lungs, the chest and the abdomen during breathing.

The Visualisation Exercise

1. Sit comfortably in a quiet room. Close your eyes.

2. Let all your muscles go limp and slack. Focus on your breathing and its rythm.

3. Imagine your lungs expanding when you breath in. To accommodate the expansion, the chest and abdomen expand too.

4. Visualise these movement mentally.

5. When breathing out, imagine the chest and abdomen contracting and the lungs deflating like ballons.

6. Repeat this exercise for three minutes.

Please note that it may take you some time to perform this exercise successfully.

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