The Lion Pose
General Eye Exercise to Improve Vision

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The Lion Pose is a good eye exercise to improve vision.

Eye Exercise to Improve Vision 1. Sit and stretch forward both the legs together. Bend the right knee and place the heel near the right buttocks. Allow the knee to touch the floor.

2. Now bend the left knee and place the heel near the left buttocks. Maintain at least two foot distance between the knees. Join both the big toes together. The buttocks will get placed over the soles.

Balance the body in this pose.

3. Now bend forward the torso. Holding both the hands straight, place both the palms inside the knees below the thighs. Fingers of both hands should remain inside the thighs.

4. Fan the palms and splay your fingers like the sharpened claws of a large feline.

5. Open the mouth wide, bring the tongue out as much as possible and look upward. In this position, the facial muscles are stretched.

6. Keep in this position for about ten second (or twenty slow counts). Then relax the facial muscles, withdraw the tongues, shut the mouth, relax your palms.

7. Rest the eyes by keeping them closed for twenty seconds. Remain conscious towards the breathing.

8. Repeat this exercise six times. As you get familiarised with this eye health exercise, increase the number to ten times.

9. When you finish this exercise, you should perform a two minute palming to rest your eyes.

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy this eye exercise to improve vision!!

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