Eye Blinking

Eye blinking is a good way to relax your eyes, especially after long period of near vision work.

Do you know that when we concentrate on our work, our eyes will blink lesser. Without proper eye rest, it will lead to dry eyes.

It is therefore very important to take vision break when you are working. Our recommendation is that you should take a 5 minute vision break for every 30 - 40 minutes of near vision work.

Here's how it works:

  • Shut your eye tight quickly.
  • Squeeze your eyes and feel your facial muscles move.
  • Repeat the above steps several times.

Reduce Eye Strain
Reduce Eye Strain
Reduce Eye Strain

Eye Rolling

Do the eye rolling exercises below to relieve your eye strain during vision break.

Reduce Eye Strain
Reduce Eye Strain
Reduce Eye Strain
Reduce Eye Strain

Looking at distant objects

Our eyes are at rest when we view at distant objects. Therefore, during your vision break, relax and look out of your window for a few minutes.

Eye relaxation

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