Eye Exercise - Using the 'X' Card to Control Convergence

In this exercise, you would need an 'X' card of the size 3" x 5", the sample of which has been given below.

Eye Exercise To Control Convergence

Use glasses only if absolutely necessary for clear vision.

The Procedures of Eye Exercise

Draw an 'X' card on a piece of cardboard and cut out the portions indicated.

Hold the card in front of your eyes, six inches from the nose. Shift your gaze through the top opening of the card to a distant object. The two inclined lines should cross each other to form the figure of X, in the middle of the card.

Correctly adjust your focus so that the top and the bottom arms of 'X' are of the same length.

Hold the 'X' in view for five counts. Then close the eyes and relax.

Complete ten such cycles.

(1) At the end, perform palming for two minutes or more.

(2) The distance of the 'X' card from the eyes should be varied thus:

First week - six inches

Second week - ten inches

Third week - fourteen inches

Fourth week - as far away from eyes as possible.

The benefits of this exercise

This procedure exercises the convergence and compels us to view with both the eyes together.

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