Eye Exercises To Strengthen Fusion of Eyes and Get Clear Vision

Incorporate simple eye exercises in your daily routine could help to ensure clear vision.

Take a look on this simple but effective eye exercise:

  • First, get two identical coins and a pencil.Use glasses only if absolutely necessary for clear vision.
  • Place the coins on a table, about two inches apart.The coins should have the same picture and face the same direction.
  • Sit comfortably in front of the coins. Keep the pencil on the table with its tip resting on the table between the coins.
  • Concentrate on the tip of the pencil. Out of the corner of your vision, be aware of the coins.
  • Slowly move the pencil towards your nose, continuing to concentrate on its tip. As you bring the pencil off the table by about eight inches, you should notice through your peripheral vision that, at first, the coins double (to four coins) and then the central coins finally merge into one. Thus, you now see three coins : the original left one, the merged one and the original right one.

Clear Vision Through Simple Eye Exercises

  • After keeping the fused image in view for 10 counts, close the eyes and relax for a while.
  • Repeat the cycle five times.

Note: At the end, perform palming for two minutes or more.

Benefits of This Eye Exercise

The ability to fuse the two images of the two retinae improves.

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