Chan Tui

Chan Tui is cicada moulting. Although it seems odd to westerners, Chinese medicine actually uses animal medicine.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cryptotympana atrata, Fabr

COMMON NAME: Cicada moulting


PARTS USED: Moulting

TASTE: salty, slightly sweet


MERIDIANS: lung, liver

ACTIONS: To dispel wind-heat, to soothe sore throat, to promote eruption, to clear the eye of corneal opacity, and to arrest spasm.

• Upper respiratory infection with red eyes and sore throat, hoarseness of voice
• hives with itching;
• measles with inadequate eruption;
• high fever with convulsion, tetanus;
• inflammation of the eye with formation of corneal opacity;


COMBINATIONS: often combined with quan xie, jiang can for high fever with convulsion; It is also often combined with ge gen and bo he for measles with inadequate eruption; For treating blood-shot eyes due to wind-heat, or nebula with poor vision, it is often combined with Flos Chrysanthemi, Flos Eriocauli, etc.

CAUTIONS: Use with care during pregnancy.

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