Cause of Bloodshot Eyes

Wondering what is the cause of bloodshot eyes? We all have times when our eyes are bloodshot from too much sun, too little sleep, or exposure to dust, wind, pollen, or other allergens. But if your eyes are chronically bloodshot and you have ruled out the above causes, it may be that the delicate capillaries in your eyes are trying to tell you something. They're weak and allowing blood to leak out.

For most people some extra vitamin C (1,000-2,000 mg daily) and bioflavonoids (200-400 mg daily) will help within a few weeks. Other factors that can cause chronic bloodshot eyes are excessive estrogen, antihistamines, steroids, and chronic stress.

But be sure to strengthen your circulatory system. Damaged and weak capillaries in your eyes are an early warning system that all is not well with your circulation.

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