Boron, Chromium and Copper

Boron This mineral helps keep bones strong. Daily dosage: 1-5 mg

Chromium This trace mineral is an active ingredient of glucose tolerance factor, which helps your body stay on an even keel with levels of blood sugar and insulin. Fatty acids and cholesterol, both of which your body needs, are synthesized with the help of this mineral. Food sources include brewer's yeast, liver, beef, whole-wheat bread, beets, beet-sugar molasses, and mushrooms. Deficiency is common. Daily dosage: 200-400 mcg

Copper Copper assists in formation of vital blood components that carry oxygen to your cells. It also is involved in protein metabolism, wound healing, bone and nerve health, and production of elastin (the component of skin that makes it flexible and stretchy). Food sources include liver, whole grains, almonds, green leafy vegetables, dried legumes, and seafood. Daily dosage: 1-5 mg

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