Correct Your Blurry Vision Through Eye Exercises

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Blurry Vision can be caused by the inability of eyes to draw in focus and concentrate on near objects.

This natural vision correction exercise is especially helpful for those sufffer from Hypermetropia (Farsighetedness) and Presbyopia.

1. Print the chart below.

blurry vision

(Note: You can do so by pointing your cursor on the chart, right click the mouse, and choose "save picture as" to save the chart. After that, print the chart on a piece of paper.)

2. Hold the chart about fifteen inches away from the eye.

3. Look intensely at the white intersection of the uppermost horizontal and the left vertical white lines. Blink for three or four times quickly.

If your visualisation has been correct, you will see the intersectin whiter than it actually is.

On the other hand, if you have not focus strong enough or have not concentrated, you will see a grey shadow superimposed upon the white intersection.

4. Concentrate on the other nine intersections.

5. Repeat the whole process two to three times. Hold the chart closer and closer to your eyes, when your ability to focus and concentrate on near objects improves.

6. When you have finished, relax your eyes by performing palming.

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