Bai Zhi

Bai Zhi is one of the several varieties of angelica that are used in Chinese medicine. It was listed by Shen Nong as a key remedy for vaginal discharges as well as being a specific for combating wind problems that are associated with head pains and watery eyes.

He gave on alternative name of Fang Ziang (fragrance) for the plant, while this herb is usually literally translated as "white paper".

BOTANICAL NAME: Angelica anomala

COMMON NAME: Dahurian angelica

FAMILY: Umbelliferae/ Apiaceae


TASTE: Pungent


MERIDIANS: lung, stomach

ACTIONS: Antibacterial, analgesic, induces sweating

TRADITIONAL USES• to clear wind, especially in wind-cold syndromes • to remove pus and bring down swellings • to relieve pain and headaches • to dry dampness

TYPICAl CHINESE DOSE: 3-9 grams (1/10 - 1/3 ounce)

COMBINATIONSUsed with Cang Er Zi and Xin Yi Hua (Magnolia liliiflora) for wind-cold associated with nasal catarrh; with Chuan Xiang for pain and headaches, especially frontal pain; and with Bai Zhu and Zhe Bei Mu to cambat boils and toxic swellings.

CAUTIONSAvoid if there is any evidence of stagnant heat syndromes linked with a yin deficiency

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