Acupuncture Treatment - How is it like?

When you go for a acupuncture treatment, you will normally lie down on the back, front, or side. But in some instances it may be appropriate for you to sit on a chair. Sometimes, the acupuncturist may ask you to move position in the middle of a treatment in order that different points can be needled.

Next, the acupuncturist will prepare to inserts the needle. He or she will first be looking to locate the Qi in the meridian. When the Qi is accessed (deqi), a sensation is normally felt, both by you and by the practitioner.

How does it feel like when a needle is inserted?

Well, I could understand your anxiety. OK, we'll go to that now.

This feeling can vary from a dull, aching pain to a tingling "shock". The local area needled may begin to feel heavy, and the sensation of the needling may travel along the line of the meridian. The effect can thus spread beyond the local area.

Some people are more responsive to needling than others and may experience the sensations and discomfort to a much greater degree. However, responsiveness to needling during an acupuncture treatment is not in itself indicative that acupuncture is working well, and patients who experience little or no sensation should not feel that acupuncture is not working. Depending on the treatment principle, the acupuncturist mayor may not offer further stimulation to the needle once it is in place. This may cause the needling sensation to be re-experienced.

The needles are usually retained for a few minutes to over an hour, but twenty minutes is the average.

Is Acupuncture Safe??

Yes, it's very common. New patients will usually express anxiety: "Is it safe to have the body punctured by needles?" This is understandable.

The answer would have to be that if the practitioner does not know what he or she is doing, it is possible to inflict injury with an acupuncture needle. However, any fully trained and experienced practitioner knows how to use needles safely and effectively, and how to avoid any potential danger areas.

Particular care needs to be exercised over the lung area on the upper back, where the direct vertical insertion of a needle could cause a pneumothorax (lung puncture). However, with the correct needling techniques, there is no danger of this whatsoever. The importance of seeking anapptopriarely trained practitioner cannot be overstated.

In the hands of such practitioners, acupuncture is a very safe and effective form of therapy.

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